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How The Irish Grade System Works 1.1 Degree In Ireland

Ireland is considered as one of the best destination for studying abroad. It is consider best country What Is A 1.1 Degree In Ireland. if you want to study in the field of medicine, Technology, business, and entrepreneurship. Number of international companies are developing their research lab and headquarters here. Moreover, it’s a predominantly English speaking country. So, foreign students don’t find it difficult to adjust over here. Most of the foreign students don’t understand What Is A 1.1 Degree. Irish grading system is quite different from other countries grading system.

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Irish grading scheme 1.1 Degree In Ireland

In Irish grading scheme grades are classified on the basis of several honors description. Given below is a breakdown of the grades:

International scale

A (excellent) : first class Honours 70% or above grades

B (very good) : upper second class Honours 69 to 60%

C (good) : lower second class Honours 59 to 50%

D ( satisfactory) : 3rd class Honours 49 to 45%

E ( sufficient) : compensating fail. 44 to 40% is the minimum passing grade

As you already know 40% is the minimum passing grade in most of the Irish institutes. Through this student are encourage. They work hard and give the best efforts and generate innovative ideas to achieve higher marks.

As state above, 70% is consider as first class honors. But, for this you have to work really hard. Students can easily achieve 85%. But for this students have to go above and beyond expectations of the Assignment Help. With good assignments students can get higher grades.

First class and second class honors are highly consider good and student should feel proud of them for achieving this.

Is It Difficult To Score High Marks?

Most of the foreign students have many questions in their mind before they reach in Ireland. They have many questions regarding the grading system and how to score high marks. As compare to other foreign countries like Canada, Ireland is still had better grading system. Here in Ireland students don’t have to worry about much about grades like students in Canada or in other countries.

But what one should keep in mind comma trading system in Island can be subjective. In Institutes, programmes, professors, and may be assignment have slightly different grading schemes and expectations.

What Is A 1.1 Degree In Ireland

In general sense, 1.1 is a first class hons degree in Ireland. However, there is no 1.2 or A 1.1 first class hons degree in Ireland. But it is considerer best yet suitable for all the students. One will not find any difficulty in scoring  good grades in Ireland if they pay utmost attention on their Assignment Help Ireland.


If you want to study abroad specially in Ireland then it’s a good thing. Difference is not always bad. Allen offers so many incredible opportunities for international students. After completing your education from Ireland Universities, you can excel in your chosen field. Here you will find number of opportunities for each field. It’s one of the best destination for international students.